Hello everyone! I am Adil. 

Its comes from the Arabic dialect (عادل) that means a person who is just.

Early Life and Spark of Curiosity

I was raised in the vibrant, historical city of Lahore, Pakistan. My parents, initially farmers, relocated to the city to prioritize our education. According to my mother, I was a naturally curious explorer, fascinated by dismantling toys and gadgets. One memorable incident of curiosity involved disassembling my father’s motorcycle engine, leaving him to call a mechanic to reassemble it!

Academic Journey and Discovering Design

While not excelling academically early on, after high school, my parents enrolled me in a three-year electrical technology diploma program at a polytechnic college. This period also saw me developing a side hustle repairing desktop computers and building custom gaming PCs for my neighborhood.

Upon completing the diploma, I landed a technical support role. However, I recognized the need for a more fulfilling career path. Recognizing this, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in 2010. Although math wasn’t my forte, particularly programming fundamentals, two courses proved transformative: Multimedia Design and Human-Computer Interaction. These subjects ignited my creative passion, leading me to pursue part-time work as a computer lab administrator, graphic designer, and UI designer for a software company during my fourth semester. Despite average grades in the degree program, my final-year project, fueled by the practical knowledge gained through my part-time experiences, received an A+. Additionally, I actively participated in the university community, organizing sports events, musical concerts, and competitions.

Professional Growth and Design Expertise

Following graduation in 2014, I began my professional journey as a Software Engineer UI at an international software company, working on B2B projects. Subsequently, I joined a research lab focused on poverty alleviation through human-centered design. This experience instilled in me the importance of empathy-driven research, opening doors to the world of user experience (UX) design. I thrived on learning new techniques for identifying pain points within financially challenged communities and exploring how technology could bridge these gaps. Here, I found myself surrounded by a diverse team of researchers, policymakers, engineers, scientists, and designers.

In 2018, I transitioned to consulting, working with clients across the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia  in various domains like SaaS, e-commerce, ride-sharing, and job analytics. This role provided invaluable exposure to global industry practices and collaboration with startup leaders, ultimately inspiring me to pursue my entrepreneurial dream. I launched an agritech company to connect plant growers and consumers through an online marketplace. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to close the business. However, I leveraged my skills by taking on a remote consultancy role for a UK-based data science company.

Impactful experience in Saudi Arabia 

Following my marriage, my wife, an architectural designer, and I began working remotely as a team from our home office. Soon after, an opportunity arose to work on-site in Saudi Arabia. Relocating to Riyadh, I served government clients in sectors like smart cities, insurance, telecom, banking, and housing. This experience enriched my understanding of cultural diversity and collaboration with international teams.

New Beginnings in Canada 

Six months ago, I started a new chapter, becoming a resident of Canada and settling in Toronto. While adjusting to the unique climate, I’m excited about the adventures that lie ahead and the prospect of contributing my design expertise to the Canadian landscape.