Saudi Arabia’s smart city innovation for permit automation

The Injaz platform was conceived by the National Center for Events to revolutionize the events sector in the Kingdom by offering a unified electronic service platform. This initiative aimed to simplify the process of obtaining permits for various events, making the organization seamless and efficient.

Problem Statement

Event organizers faced challenges in obtaining necessary permits and coordinating with multiple government agencies, leading to a cumbersome and time-consuming process that hindered the smooth execution of events.


The Injaz platform was developed as a comprehensive solution to facilitate the issuance of event licenses, streamline the application process, offer consultation services, and ensure quick access to yacht entry permits, all within a single platform.


The Injaz platform significantly improved the efficiency of event organization in the Kingdom, with organizers reporting streamlined processes for permits and increased satisfaction in event execution. Collaboration with government agencies through the platform led to a faster turnaround time for permit issuance, enhancing the overall event organization experience.

Design Process

  1. Research: Identified the key pain points in event organization and permit issuance.
  2. Prototyping: Developed a user-friendly interface to navigate services and submit applications.
  3. Testing: Ensured the platform met the needs of event organizers through user feedback.
  4. Launch: Implemented the platform with an easy three-step process for obtaining permits and accreditations.