Saudi Arabia’s largest Accident evaluation app for Auto Insurance services

I performed a usability audit using Tobii Eye Tracking to pinpoint user experience gaps in the Najm app. Through heuristic evaluation, app analytics review, stakeholder discussions, and desk research, I identified and addressed user experience & interface issues for a varied user base. By applying a cognitive walkthrough method, I gathered insights from field surveys with accident evaluation officers on the ground. This led to the redesign of the application’s information architecture and the designing of both low and high-fidelity user interfaces.

Project Goals

As the UX Design Lead for Najm, the primary goal was to enhance the user experience across Najm’s digital channels. The project aimed to rectify user experience gaps, optimize the accident reporting process, and align the user journey with Najm’s brand standards.


Najm Insurance Services, a leading provider of accident insurance in Saudi Arabia, serves a diverse user base, primarily drivers involved in motor accidents. The project aimed to create a polished, intuitive, and user-friendly experience across Najm’s digital channels.


We conducted a UX assessment and proposed an enhancement plan for Najm’s digital channels, including the mobile app, website/e-service, and WhatsApp channel. The goal was to optimize the user experience and user journey.


The objective was to create a world-class user experience in Najm’s digital channels, improve the overall UX and user journey, reduce friction, and enhance the accident reporting process.

Current State and Challenges

Najm’s app UX design was functional, but there was room for improvement. Users were avoiding the use of app due to complex long processes. Instead of app, users were contacting through Whatsapp or the IVR system.

User Research

Comprehensive user research was conducted to understand the needs, behaviors, and expectations of Najm’s user base. Insights from this research informed the design decisions throughout the project.

Stakeholder Interview Activities

Stakeholder interviews were conducted to align user needs with business goals and gain insights into the business objectives and constraints.

Reviewing Complaints on Apple Store

User complaints on these platforms were reviewed to identify common issues and areas for improvement.

Gathering General Insights and Desk Research

Desk research provided a broad understanding of the market, user trends, and best practices in UX design.

Mapping Out Functions of Mobile App

The functions of the mobile app were mapped out to understand the app’s features and how they are used by the users

UX Strategy Document Creation

A comprehensive UX strategy document was created that outlined the approach to improving the user experience on Najm’s digital channels.

Information Architecture

The structure of the product, including navigation and organization of content, was outlined.

Usability Testing using Tobii Eye Tracking Lab

Usability tests were conducted using the Tobii Eye Tracking Lab to identify usability issues and areas of confusion within the current design.

Challenges and Solutions

The project faced several challenges, including understanding the diverse needs of the user base, identifying and addressing usability issues, and balancing user needs with business objectives. These challenges were addressed through comprehensive user research, eye-tracking-based usability testing, and regular communication with stakeholders. Due to strict NDA terms and conditions, I can not share further details.

Results and Impact

We created a new design system to enable consistency in the app user experience along with the implementation of Information Architecture. We also created new high-fidelity prototypes following IA. Detailed insights about the impacts of the new design will be collected after the implementation of design changes.


The project was a valuable learning experience. It reinforced the importance of user-centric design, data-driven decision-making, and continuous improvement. It also highlighted the importance of stakeholder engagement and the need to balance user needs with business objectives. I got the chance to work with diverse stakeholders and real-time users.